Monday, November 28, 2016

Jewelry Store In Oceanside Offers Wedding Rings & Jewelry

Getting Married Affordably

Ask your self this question: Why spend a ton of money on material objects and ceremonies? Some like to have the pictures to save for the memories. What are memories? These are things that you experience and store in your mind. Imagine an exotic vacation to follow your nuptials whit memories that will last a lifetime. This is something that will reinforce the engagement for years to come. At Gems N' Loans in Oceanside, we have used and custom designed jewelry and wedding rings that are affordable. This will give the bride and groom the chance to spend on a trip faraway were they can share romantic memories. Don't let the dish soap that adorns your wedding finger sway you from what you deserve.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best Jewelry Repair in Oceanside

Why Repair or Resize Jewelry

When you lead a bustling way of life, it can be difficult to give your gems the TLC it needs. Notwithstanding when you're additional cautious, after some time, all fine adornments needs some type of administrations to keep it kept up and looking like new. That is the place our gems repair administrations can prove to be useful. Our group of specialists is here to help you with numerous sorts of gems repairs. It doesn't make a difference if your unique buy was made at Gems N' Loans Jewelers, or elsewhere altogether! Everybody can exploit our repair benefits, regardless of where your gems was obtained.

Our Design and Repair Centers are completely staffed with expertly prepared experts who can deal with most sorts of repairs: from resizing your ring and altering your gold chain, to resetting your jewels and different valuable gemstones.