Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Best Jewelers in Oceanside

Stereotypes About Jewelers Oceanside That Aren't Always True

Pawn shops look downscale?

Our three seven locations are well maintained stores that are clean and attractive. Our staff are neatly attired and professionals that are GIA certified. If not for the Gems N' Loans and better prices, you’d think you were in a regular retail store. Our jewelry is attractively displayed in glass cases, and our other merchandise is also presented in a professional manner in Oceanside California.

They don’t carry nice things?

We take in items that have value and that we know we can resell. We’re not a thrift store, and we don’t buy or make loans on items that aren't in attractive condition. For this reason, you will be amazed at our high-quality jewelry in many different affordable price ranges.

Pawn shops don’t have a good selection of items?

Gems N' Loans takes in many items in at our seven locations daily. If you’re looking for a special piece that you can’t find at a store in the mall, chances are we might have it at another location, and can have brought to you. Our selection is usually better, because we take in items from variety of sources giving us a unique selection. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Oceanside Jewelers and Custom Jewelry Design for Love

Mariana's Gold Necklace from Oceanside

Ashar was sitting in his office, thinking about his relationship with Mariana. A tall, blonde, hazel eyed woman with whom he fell in love two years ago. But was it really love? He thought it a wise idea to search Oceanside for the right jewelers from where he could purchase a necklace to show his love for Mariana. Her dad, Mr. Smith was not only his father’s friend but also business partner in their resort chain. He knew Mariana since childhood and did not want to get here anything someone else might have, so he went to Gems N’ Loans and spoke to their jewelry repair guy Frank, to see if he could design a unique necklace to show his love for Mariana.

Two weeks later he presented the necklace to his love and found out that she had dreamed of this moment and was happy that here intuition was right. Ashar knew that when  shopping for jewelers in Oceanside, he found the place he could count on.