Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fine Jewelry Store in Oceanside Has Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Ring in Oceanside

I'm a web and graphic designer, and I should have realized that my fiancee should have known before his proposal, that I have very specific taste. Finally, after a long internal struggle, he convinced me to go out and get the ring of my dreams. So I looked and I looked, but nothing was perfect. Then I walked into an Oceanside jeweler, and weeks before my wedding, and I met the staff at Gems N’ loans.

I thought designing a completely custom ring was impossible in the time-frame we had to work with, but Gems N’ Loans Oceanside made it happen! They took all of my pictures and drawings and gave me exactly what I asked for at a totally reasonable price. I picked up the finished ring the DAY before my wedding, and I've never been happier with a piece of jewelry. I had told him to make it too small! A previous jeweler I had been trying to find a ring with had told me over and over that I was a 4.75. My finger might be, but my knuckle definitely is not. I brought the ring back to their jeweler, and a month later and they resized it for free!

If you want custom jewelry, GNL is the place to go!

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